Why Our CRM

Proven tools to manage your business


As demands on your time increase, you and your team need to make the most of every moment. Sales quotas require a focus on customers relationship and opportunities. Without the tools to develop relationships, your business is at risk. GoldMine software help you win and retain customers by improving efficiency and productivity without sacrificing your bottom-line. GoldMine helps businesse get a more complate view of their customers. Because growth and retentio are critical to long-term success, focusing on improving your customer relationships makes common business sense.


GoldMine Helps you win and retain customers through every phase of the customer relationship life cycle

1. Marketing

  • Generate more leads – Set up ,manage and execute more effective and repeatable marketing campaigns.

  • Capture and distribute leads – Easily capture , qualify and distribute leads to your sales force from your Web site or campaigns.

  • Convert leads to sale – Simplify and automate drip-marketing campaigns from lead incubation through close with Automated Processe.

  • Analyze leads – Get a quick view of campaign responses , potential sales and total campaign effectiveness.


2. Sales

  • Understand customers – Centralize contact information from disparate systems and make it available to your entire team to get a complate view of the relationship

  • Increase productivity – Define your business rules based on your team for appropriate follow – up – automatically

  • Close more deals – Track leads from contact to contract , resulting in shortened sales cycles and increased revenues


3.  Service and Support

  • End – to – end solution – Combine GoldMine with IP Contact Center or GoldMine Office Suite to enhance every customer interaction and make your knowledge workers more productive

  • Higher retention – Earn repeat business and keep valuable customers with higher customer satisfaction.

  • Customer focus - Automate administrative task so you can concentrate or customer relationships and compile client and prospect histories to help you anticipate customers’needs


  • Reporting and analytics – Concentrate your efforts on the strategies that are delivering results

  • Identification of opportunities – Gain insight into potential opportunities from builting analysis and reporting capabilities

  • Analysis of won/loss details – Get immediate updates for your pipeline and track products, prospects revenue potential and closing dates in real time