To gain customer loyalty in this competitive market, companies must optimize their service processes and provide employees with the information and tools they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

But how do you deliver superior support, increase customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce costs all at the same time? The answer is easy.


HEAT® Simply Powerful

HEAT® is a powerful, yet affordable service management solution designed specifically for any help desk, service desk and customer service to dynamically manage information.

For more than a decade, this award-winning software has been the miracle for fast growing company. The systems have proven to be unfailingly reliable and fast performing, making it possible for the company to dramatically cut its support system maintenance costs, adapt the systems to ever-changing needs, centralize contact details, and best of all, earn priceless points with customers.


Why HEAT® Service & Support?

  1. Intuitive wizards for fast implementation
  2. Highly customizable, no programming required
  3. Easy-to-use call logging, tracking, reporting and management features
  4. Excellent customer service, training and support programs


Key Features:

  1. HEAT® Quick Start Wizard - HEAT® can be easily integrated with any of IT Service Management modules.
  2. HEAT® Call - management software is fully customizable and includes automatic escalation, automatic ticket generation, and proactive service-level management.
  3. HEAT® Answer Wizard – uses a "consultant in the box" approach to deliver 240 ready-to-run reports. This product makes it easy for the support center manager to ask and answer the key business questions that are instrumental to running a world-class operation.
  4. HEAT® Manager's Console – shows a graphical view of overall operational status.
  5. iHEAT® – provides remote access to HEAT® from any Web browser with no additional plug-ins required. Enabled 24/7 remote access to core HEAT functionality, allowing technicians greater mobility and productivity.
  6. HEAT® self service - Significantly reduce call volumes. With HEAT® Self Service, customers can search the knowledge base, submit a new service issue or check the status of an issue – without adding to your incoming call volume.


Combined WITH GOLDMINE®, HEAT® will give you A COMPLETE CRM SOLUTION that delivers seamless and superior customer experience.