Win and retain your customers

If you want to succeed, you need the tools to manage all facets of your sales and marketing teams and use your contact information to create strategies that win and retain long-term customers.


GoldMine Create Customers for Life

GoldMine provides the tools businesses need to gather, store and analyze customer information in order to win – and more importantly – retain customers. Designed for small-to mid-sized companies, GoldMine collects and centralizes all information flowing through an organization; the result is an internal organizational structure that has every employee working at maximum effectiveness and efficiency. With GoldMine’s unique solution to managing prospect and client information, teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time realizing results.


Key Benefit:

  1. Reduce costs, shorten sales cycles, drive revenue.
  2. High end result at an affordable price.
  3. Putting valuable contact information at your fingertips.
  4. All documents and communication are available and accessible from one location only, which saves time for multiple departments.

1. Marketing

  1. Generate more leads - Set up, manage and execute more effective and repeatable marketing campaigns.
  2. Capture and distribute leads - Easily capture, qualify and distribute eads to your sales force from your Web site or campaigns.
  3. Convert leads to sales - Simplify and automate campaigns from lead incubation through close with Automated Processes™.
  4. Analyze leads - Get a quick view of campaign responses, potential sales and total campaign effectiveness.


2. Sales

  1. Understand your customers - Get a complete view of your customers and identify your premiere customers. GoldMine centralizes all your contact information and makes it available to your entire team.
  2. Increase productivity - Define your business rules based on your workflow with Automated Processes. Send customized e-mail, schedule appointments, print cover letters and prompt your team for appropriate follow-up—automatically. It’s like having a personal assistant for every employee.
  3. Close more deals - Track leads from contact to contract, resulting in shortened sales cycles and increased revenues.


3. Service and Support

  1. End-to-end solution - Combine GoldMine with the HEAT Service & Support™ to benefit from a complete customer management solution.
  2. Retain your customer - Earn repeat business and keep valuable customers with higher customer satisfaction.
  3. Customer focused - By automating administrative tasks with GoldMine, you can concentrate on customer relationships. GoldMine compiles client and prospect histories to help you anticipate your customers’ needs.


4. Management

  1. Reporting and analytics - Concentrate your efforts on the strategies that are delivering actual results.
  2. Identify opportunities - Gain insight into potential opportunities from built-in analysis and reporting capabilities.
  3. Analysis of won/loss details - Get immediate updates for your pipeline and track products, prospects, revenue potential and closing dates in real time.


 Together with HEAT®, GoldMine® offers a complete

CRM solution that plots your clear path to success.