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Some of Tomorrow's Technologies Offer Benefits Today

In the next 10 years, new technologies -- such as small, wearable computers and touch-manipulated projections (think of Tom Cruise in the filmMinority Report) -- will move from the research-and-development labs into the mainstream, Jackie Fenn, vice president and fellow for Gartner Group, told attendees at the recent Gartner Wireless Summit here. But while those technologies certainly have some "wow" factors to them, she warned companies to carefully assess each new "gee-whiz" feature to see which ones make sense to adopt right away and which can wait until they're better developed, drop in price -- or both.


Two of the technologies that are already getting some notice are cloud computing and social networking.

In cloud computing, users access virtual technology services, reducing the expense of owning all of the necessary hardware and software in-house. "As service provisions grow," Fenn said, referring to a critical aspect of cloud computing, "vendors must become or partner with service providers to deliver their technologies indirectly to users. User organizations will watch portfolios of owned technologies decline as service portfolios grow. The key activity will be to determine which cloud services will be viable -- and when.".